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Chef / Co-Owner

Chef Rod Butters

Long before it became ``trendy`` to serve regional food, Rod has always been committed to this effort.

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Audrey Surrao

Audrey holds Level 3 certification by WSET an internationally recognized wine and spirits certification authority.

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Executive Chef

Brock Bowes

A highly creative, detail oriented chef with a strong work ethic and passion for the culinary arts.

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Chef de Cuisine

Robyn Sigurdson

Many of Robyn's career highlights have been spent during her time in the kitchen at RauDZ Regional Table. As part of the ever growing culinary team, Robyn has helped manage, develop and train some of RauDZ most talented local chefs. She balances her high regard for the culinary world with family, friend, and her love of wine. Travel, learning new things and sharing the experience of food, continue to fuel her culinary passion.

Who We Are

A Bit About Us

To see the backbone of RauDZ Regional Table, you only have to look as far as the kitchen where, behind the clear glass and stainless steel, a talented group of cooks put out hundreds of dishes on a daily basis.

Their work begins early in the day, with prep and carries on until well after the last guest leaves.

Talented, and hard-working, the staff in the kitchen are able to successfully carry out Chef Butter’s vision and their impact on the success of the restaurant cannot be understated.

Next time you come in, look behind the frosted glass and see Canada’s next top chefs.

Chef Butters along with Executive Chef Brock Bowes and Chef de Cuisine Robyn Sigurdson ensure only the best is served.

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  • Chef Rod Butters
    Chef Rod Butters
  • Audrey Surrao
    Audrey Surrao
  • Chef Brock Bowes
    Chef Brock Bowes
  • Our Food Community
    Our Food Community

A few doors down from RauDZ Regional Table you’ll find micro bar • bites.  Located at 1500 Water Street in downtown Kelowna it is an expansive 900 square feet of bar and small bites.  Chef Butters jokes that the space is so small that “we don’t even capitalize the ‘m’ of micro!”

Visit micro bar • bites web site here.