Another win for the RauDZ and micro teams!

JCI Okanagan and Okanagan Spirits hosted their twist on the traditional wine event with the Okanagan Spirits Winetender’s Mixoff, Oct. 8 at the Laurel Packinghouse.

This 3 year-old event, challenges bartenders from local restaurants to create a cocktail using both local wine and product from Okanagan Spirits.  They then pair their creative cocktails with food samples.  Bartenders not only have to impress the panel of judges for the Judges Choice Award, but also the public with the People’s Choice Award and new this year, the event recognized the hard work done by the Chefs with their contribution to the evening with Sysco’s Best Bite Award.

12096572_10153010291562003_8035809089970038719_nAndrew Schneider, a familiar face at RauDZ, created the winning cocktail with the talented kitchen team, led by Executive Chef Brock Bowes working to create a food component to match the cocktail.  This combination of talent, secured the Judges Choice Award for the evening.

The cocktail entitled ‘The Matriarch’ featured Okanagan Spirits Gin, 50th Parallel Chardonnay “Littet Blanc”, Barrel Aged Imperial Earl Grey Tea, Vanilla Rooibos Reduction, Hibiscus Grenadine, Amontillado Sherry Mist and Lemon.    This delicious mixture was paired with “Tea Sandwiches” of House Cured hibiscus tea duck prosciutto, compressed local cucumber & melon, roasted corn aioli.  Further demonstrating their creativity, the entire display was a bit of a visit to Grandma’s house with frilly aprons, and polished silver tea sets.

Congratulations also go to the teams at the Globe Tapas Bar at Big White for their People’s Choice win and to Social 242 for winning the Sysco Best Bite Award.