Audrey Joins the Judging at the Great Northwest Invitational Wine Competition

PrintThis October, co-owner of RauDZ Regional Table, Audrey Surrao traveled to Oregon to act as a judge for the Great Northwest Invitational Wine Competition.

As the recent article from Great Northwest Wine Invitational Competition states “not every wine wins a gold medal….and wine judges do not always agree on everything.”  They have compiled a list of Judges Selections where they asked the judges for some of their favourite wines from the competition.  The 21 judges worked in teams to judge over 600 wines, and they were all judged blind not knowing producers or the prices of the wines until they were completed.

Audrey’s Judges Selections did include a few Okanagan wines that stood out for her palate.

You can read the full article for all of the Judges Selections.