Fresh, Local, Comfortable ... it's more than our catch phrase, it's how we designed this restaurant.


From the 21 foot long communal table, to the photographs of our suppliers on the walls, RauDZ© was meant to inspire friends & neighbours to linger, talk and generally just enjoy the food in this 106 year old heritage building.

The first thing you notice on entering the restaurant is the reclaimed heartwood pine table.  This centuries old gleaming wood table sits on a trestle base reminiscent of the Kettle Valley trestles.   The table features no nails or screws but uses mortise, dowel and tenon construction.  The table was partially constructed on site with co-owner Audrey Surrao hammering  in the final dowel.  This work of art table was created by local woodworker, Will Brundula of Heartland Millworks.

The bar is 28 feet in length constructed of a solid fir bar top from Vancouver Island.

Photographic artwork adorning the walls features RauDZ© produce suppliers and some of their world-class fruits, vegetables, fish, bread and wine.  Each portrait represents a local farmer or producer who contributed to the success of the regionally focused creative menu of Chef Rod Butters.  Photos were taken by local photographer, David McIlvride.

The rjb logo seen around the restaurant are the initials of Chef Butters and signify his high standards and ‘stamp of approval’ on his signature dishes and is the brand for both his restaurant and his food products.