Comfort Food Bites to Keep You Cozy this Winter

The following article was published by Tourism Kelowna on Dec 3, 2019 written by Aman Dosanj.

As the temperature drops and days get shorter, it’s time to indulge a little, because food makes things better.  These are my tried-and-tasted comfort foods to keep you cozy and shake off those winter blues:

Chicken Confit Poutine / RauDZ

This poutine isn’t your usual fries, gravy and sqeaky cheese curd deal.  The chicken is cooked low and slow in fat or oil (that’s the confit part), which makes it really tender and even more delicious.  Then, it’s shredded up, layered with squeaky cheese that actually squeaks, and lashed with house made gravy with just the right amount of salt.


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